1.0 General


  1. All the trademarks , Logos are belong to SL Geek Store and using the media and texts without permission is prohibited. 
  2. We try to deliver your orders within the estimated period. But it’s not a guarantee. Due to environmental conditions, order volumes,  estimates could be slightly changed.

2.0 Refunds & Returns


  1. Refunds are made if your order is damaged, not working or items are missing. 
  2. SL Geek Store team has full rights to take a decisions about the refunds. 
  3. Returns are not acceptable. (Acceptable if the SLGS team decided to do so)

3.0 Privacy


  1. All your data is stored under SL Geek Store which is only visible to the administration. All your order details including your name, address, phone numbers, emails are secured.
  2. We may use your email and mobile number for marketing purposes.
  3. We use those details to send you the order and notify you about the order status.