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Get 5% Off with Online Payments

Seya offers a 5% Off extra discount for online payments. The main reason behind this offer is to reduce the use of physical currencies. With the pandemic, we have learned several lessons. It thought us the importance of using virtual currencies, than printed papers. Also using virtual money cause to reduce the risk of the virus.

To support this, we are providing a 5% Extra discount on all the transactions.

Yes. this is a site-wide sale. So basically you get this discount for each and every item which is listed in Seya. It is also valid for sale items as well. So that’s why mention this is an extra discount.

If the item already having any discount, no issue with that. You get another 5% off with this.

There are no conditions at all. No promo code is needed. Just select the Online payment option on the checkout page and the discount will be applied automatically.

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