SEYA LK Loyalty Card

SEYA LK Platinum Loyalty Card brings you lots of opportunities. As always, we respect our customers. They are always our priority. Since Seya is powered by SL Geek, We always try to serve you our best service than targeting on the profit. So we really appreciate you and inviting you to join our platinum family.




What is the fee of the card ?

It’s Rs.250 . But currently, you can visit our shops and get it for Rs.200.

What are the expire dates ?

There is no expire date for your membership. It’s lifetime. When comes to the points, they are only valid for 1 year. That means if you earn 100 points today, it will expire 100 within 365 days.

How do we find discounts ?

After you becoming a loyalty member, You will receive discount updates and promo codes via SMS.

How can I earn points ?

You can earn 1-3% from your purchases directly. (In-store shopping) . If you want to earn for online orders too, simply let us know by adding a note.

How to redeem points ?

There are several ways. You can use points to buy anything from our store(Online and physical stores). When comes to the physical stores, You can simply purchase anything and show your card to the cashier. When comes to the online, You can simply send us a email (support@seya.lk) and let us know that you need to redeem your points. We will reply you with a coupon code.

Also you can visit https://rewards.seya.lk . You can simply browse through gifts. Then you can purchase any gift by redeeming the points.

How to win gifts ?

We are arranging raffle draws. Platinum members are able to join for those raffles. They are able to win awesome prices.