Hub Registration

Thanks for visiting SLGS Hub Registration page. Before signing up, Let me answer your questions.

What is SLGS Hub ?

We recently started our website for more vendors. Now anyone can sell anything on SL Geek Store. But to make this possible, We need more people and more spaces. That means, We need seller hubs. As you all know, We are planing to start our own hubs in several cities. But we can’t cover all cities. So you can simply sign with us and you can be the SL Geek Store Hub / Member in your area and also you can earn some extra income.

Who can register ?

Anyone can register with SLGS hub. You can submit the bellow form and one of our agent will contact you soon, if you are eligible. It could be a home space, it could be a work place , it could be somewhere else. What you need is, some walk-in space for vendors to drop products, to store orders temporally need hand over your products to courier/ our riders.

What skills do I need ?

You just need to keep some records of the orders and that’s it. No skills required.

How can I earn ?

Since we are just starting out, We can’t guarantee a exact value. However, earning will be depend on number of packages which you are handling. It could be a percentage or flat rate. However, you will get commission only for the successful deliveries. Monthly payments will be issues. Make sure that, Since we are beginning, we need your support. Number of orders could be 0 for few hours / few days or weeks. However, we are trying our best to get you as much orders as we can. So stay with us.

How can I contact you ?

If you are a registered hub, then you will get a unique hub ID. You can use that ID to communicate with us. If you are not registered yet, You can also contact us. The best way to contact us is via email. Write us on . For quick support, call us . 0117931000 .