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How to buy an oximeter in Sri Lanka

As of the increase of the covid-19, the most significant symptom is the decrement of the SPO2 level which is also known as the percentage of how much oxygen should in your body. This is really important to measure regularly because even though you have or do not have any symptoms, this can say whether you have covid or not.

So you should have more than 95% of SPO2 level in general. Mostly it should be around 100% if you are healthy. After a small walk, still it should be more than 93%. So if your SPO2 level is less than the above-mentioned values, you should consider checking for covid.

So the best way to check the SPO2 level is using an oximeter. Oximeter usually comes with a pulse meter as well. So that’s not really needed for this case. However before you purchase an oximeter, consider following

  • Accuracy
  • Some oximeters even works for pencils
  • Imported Country (To make sure the quality)
  • Compare with genuine oximeter or any smart watch to see whether its accurate

So in, we also have a range of oximeters. But before we market any item, we are checking the quality as well. Check out the following if you are interested.

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