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Buy One Get One Free by Seya

As one of the top ecommerce stores in Sri Lanka, Seya LK offer you free stuff when you buy something. This is called Buy One, Get One free in general.

As usual, this is done by increasing the product price. But here, it’s not happening. If you have ordered these items or if you have ever seen, you can still see the prices are same in the website. But for same price, you are getting 2 items. May be 2 from same item or different item.

How this is possible ? Yes thats a good question. Due to pandemic, most of people having a bad time. So we decided to giveaway some of the products. Yes of course we cover it with our marketing budget. 😀

However, No cap. Just get free item with following products. Just add it to cart and go checkout. Please note some items could be limited for one per purchase. But most are not.

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