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How to buy an oximeter in Sri Lanka

As of the increase of the covid-19, the most significant symptom is the decrement of the SPO2 level which is also known as the percentage of how much oxygen should in your body. This is really important to measure regularly because even though you have or do not have any symptoms, this can say whether […]

Buy One Get One Free by Seya

As one of the top ecommerce stores in Sri Lanka, Seya LK offer you free stuff when you buy something. This is called Buy One, Get One free in general. As usual, this is done by increasing the product price. But here, it’s not happening. If you have ordered these items or if you have […]

Get 5% Off with Online Payments

Seya offers a 5% Off extra discount for online payments. The main reason behind this offer is to reduce the use of physical currencies. With the pandemic, we have learned several lessons. It thought us the importance of using virtual currencies, than printed papers. Also using virtual money cause to reduce the risk of the […]

Best USB Cables for mobile in Sri Lanka

What are the best USB cables for mobile which we can buy in Sri Lanka. In market, there are thousands of option when comes to the cables. And some of those are really cheap, but same time, some are extremely expensive. Should you need that much expensive cable ? Or cheap one is enough ? […]

Micro USB vs Type C vs Lightning

If it’s budget phone, mostly price is less than 30-40K or old android phone, most probabely it should have micro USB.

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