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Best USB Cables for mobile in Sri Lanka

What are the best USB cables for mobile which we can buy in Sri Lanka. In market, there are thousands of option when comes to the cables. And some of those are really cheap, but same time, some are extremely expensive. Should you need that much expensive cable ? Or cheap one is enough ? Lets figure it out.

First thing is, we need to find out what is the charging port that your phone has. To figure it out, you can checkout this post.

So, To find a better cable for your phone, you have to consider following tips.

  • Braided – this is much important for durable cable. Nowadays, most of the cables comes as nylon braided. That’s really important. It will make any cable stronger and protect inside wires from cuts and flames.
  • Fast Charging – Eventhough you have a fast charger, you may thinking that why your phone charges slow ? The reason could be the cable. Just think if your wall adapter can output 40W, but your cable only can take 5W from that ? Then it won’t pass 40W to the phone. So thats why fast charging cables are important in this matter.
  • Data Transfer – I think no one buys a cable for phone just to charge. In some cases, we need to transfer photos, videos from our phone to other devices. So in this case we need better speed data transfering as well. Some cables comes with low speeds. Some even can’t transfer data.
  • Brands – Actually we never mean that you need that expensive branded cables. But eventhough it’s in-expensive, some brands mean a lot. Some brands actually good for it’s price. Some budget low price brands also performing very well. So it’s kind of important to consider the brand name, if you want some trusted product.

So what are the better cables ?

If your phone has type c port, we strongly suggest you to get OnePlus McLaren Cable. It supports all fast chargers. Also really durable cable as well. You can use it for your samsung, huawei, oppo, oneplus, vivo or any smart phone with type c charging port.

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